Saturday, May 30, 2009


So many things are on my mind this am. As per my ticker we have 30 days left. This could either be extended or quickly shortened if babe decides to arrive early, as it did for my dear friend Leah.
Leah is a dear college friend, we didn't go to school together but rather met @ the Market Basket, our summer job. At the time we met we were young & pretty free spirited. Having fun @ work & even more fun outside of work. I can think of many crazy, spontaneous things that we did. Now She is a wife, a mom of two & a professional in the workplace & I'm a wife, a worker bee too & a soon to be mom as well. Her babe was due next weekend, but decided to arrive 9 days early. They, like us, didn't find out the sex either. Leah is, a Monica in Friends, very anal & a planner down to the last detail, agrees she loved not knowing & wouldn't change it either.
My heart goes out them; a new baby, a three yr. old & a new home of only 2 weeks. Congrats guys I miss you!!

This is going to be a fun filled weekend:
TODAY: Mother's Blessing
TONIGHT: Date w/hubby--dinner & pick out hospital-to-home baby clothes- girl & boy :)
TOMORROW:Church--always a good way to fill up the soul & a work baby shower.

& now my mind goes back to work & my day yesterday. I took care of a babe that was born 2 weeks premature, 35 weeks & most babes are fine at this stage, but somehow, some reason why this babe took a hit either while in utero or during birth & they are doing tests--genetic, diagnostic, lab...everything to figure out why this sweet boy is not able to suck & has poor body tone. All you can do is pray & place your faith of this child's future in God's hand. I take these babies home with me in my heart & as it stands I still can't imagine walking away & not being a part of it. Could I be a person that doesn't work??? I know at this point that I have NO idea how consuming motherhood is, but I do enjoy the work I do. Even on the long/emotional days, I still walk away wondering what will happen & look forward to going back.

So after this weekend--I work the next 3 Saturdays & my last day is June 25th!!
30 days--WOW!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Do

I love lists, I have lists for work, for home, for bills--you name it- I make a list of 'to dos' for it. When other people are asking you if you're ready for the baby to come--I think, well ya!! But I realize I'm thinking physically & emotionally I'm ready, but really not so much prepared.
So my to do list is:

1.Pack a bag for the hospital
2.Write all my thank-you for the baby gifts
3.Get Thank-you gifts for all the amazing help we received for the baby shower
4.Get the last couple of items on the registry that are necessities
5.Wash all the baby clothes
6.Final touches of birth plan, get copies to Dr.
7.Find pediatrician
8.LOA form to doctors, too
9.Go to Soc. Security Office, to yes finally-officially change my name :)
10.Work 13 more days about 140 hrs give or take
11.Not freak out cause this list is getting longer & longer.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So I'm still enjoying the remnants of the baby shower as I sip on an Italian Soda, raspberry--yum. Baby R has been doing lots of turns & tucks, I think they agree, maybe a second glass is in our near future.
The house is now quiet, just me & babe, even Eli is @ work.
I've been going over & over my thoughts & feelings about this past weekend & wondering how I could ever express my gratitude to YOU, everyone one of you!!

Whether it be your helping hands before, during or after the event. I know I speak for not only myself but for Eli as well, we are so touched. Its hard to think a year ago I was just beginning to get to know most of you & now I go to you for so many things. Growing up in a small family, we did things for ourselves & never went to people for help--or at least I didn't. I know you offered & jumped right in to do things to make this day special & you succeeded!! I couldn't have asked for anything more.
I had friends & family that couldn't be here from afar, but you never felt that far away. We of course missed that you weren't here, but understand & maybe once the babe is born...we'll see you then :)

I know that God is good & my life feels good right now, but does that mean something bad may happen. I've been reflecting on Ecclesiastes verse 7:13-14.

Consider what God has done:
Who can straighten what he has made crooked?
When times are good, be happy:
but when times are bad, consider:
God has made the one
as well as the other.
Therefore, a man cannot discover
anything about his future.

I don't want to expect that something bad will happen, but I need to be faithful & try to find peace that God has his hands in all things.

So kind of a funny post to start all thankful & happy & then question what may be on the horizon, I just always want to be prepared. Theres nothing worse to me than to walk into a situation & not know. But maybe that is how we learn & grow in our walk in our faith.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working with a Preggo

Ok, so the preggo will
1. Always turn down the temp in the pod that their in, I'm liking 70 degrees :)
2. Eat before she begins her day, favorite--egg, bacon, biscuit w/lots of mayo
3. Is glad when her pod is close to the bathroom, cause when nature calls I don't have to waddle so far
4. Will have to eat again in about 2-3hrs.
5. Was extremely happy for Nurses Week--when we got lots of free food, when everyone else was complaining & wanting more--seriously, it was free food!!
6. Doesn't mind when co-workers come up & talk & touch the belly
7. Is often VERY MOODY by the end of 13 hrs.

My life has changed in small ways. I used to eat a late lunch after all my assessments & rounds were complete maybe ~10am, now its get something in right after report @ 7am. I also used to take a late lunch so the afternoon would be quick around 3pm, now I'm lucky if I make it till 1pm. Small things used to not bother me much, like when we do the baby shuffle. No its not a dance, but rather a planning for the next shift to make admit spots for new babies & moving other babies--recently my patients have had to get moved to step down units out of the this a pain yes, I have I done this my last 2 shifts yes, with 2 patients--YES.
The hormones I think are kicking in too. I got home Monday night & when Eli asked about my day I just cried--seriously my day wasn't that bad--I've had worse. I just felt like I had hit rock bottom somehow, like I couldn't do this anymore & that I couldn't imagine doing this once I'm a mom. But then I got up Tuesday & did it all over again & made it home w/o crying...and not feeling that way so much. Soooo my point--guess that I really don't feel like I have control of my emotions all the time, which is kind of weird. They'll just come on, & it will make me sad, happy or the desire to cry will be there- so I do.

Today, is my free day--YEAH. No one has to work w/this preggo today. I gotta run to the bank, then AVEDA--hope I don't cry there. Then I hope to pick up some plants @ Lowes, and then see what energy I have does call tomorrow.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


How good is God? Way beyond my understanding. I've been chatting with him a lot lately, praising him for blessing me not with things but relationships. I am feeling so utterly blessed & thankful for my husband. We are at a season in our life that a lot of changes will be happening in the next few months & I just want to remember & savor how completely in love I am with him.
We are still figuring out work, who should work, will I want to work after the babe arrives. What does Eli want to do, how will our life look in the next few years.

Eli is my rock, I drive home from work & look forward to seeing him, sometimes I can see him in the kitchen (most of the time), when I pull into the driveway & I can't wait to get inside & be there with him. I'm not the type that will ramble on about my day immediately...he does, I take my time to unwind & then I will unload. I am just so comforted to know that my best friend is inside waiting for me. After 11 yrs together I can honestly say I love him more & more each day...
I can't thank, praise God enough for blessing me for the companionship I have with him. And then to think we are being blessed with a little 'us' on the way. Amazing....

I used to take so much stock in what I have, what I didn't have, what I need to accomplish, what I hadn't accomplished. But lately I am just so thankful for the people in my life & where God has brought me to as this point. I hope to always feel so fortunate.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

I am that person that awaits a new month only to tear or flip off the old one. I like new beginnings/fresh starts. This one is exciting cause I can say, "We're due NEXT month". Now I can't promise if baby Rodriguez will decide to appear on its due date, but we could potentially have the baby in less than 60 days wow!!
These last couple weeks have been good, Eli & I have both come more into the realization that a baby, our child will be here in our house, in their room that we've been creating solely for them.
My body definitely has more aches in weird places, but nothing a good cat stretch doesn't help, momentarily anyways. :) I'm hungry, like ALWAYS & I've gotten into sleeping more again or wanting to anyways. My night sleep isn't the greatest & well, I don't think its going to get much better over the next weeks.
The baby shower is quickly approaching, 2 weeks. Family & friends will be here to celebrate & I can't wait. Plus, yum more & lots of yummy food, have I mentioned how much I'm into food! :)

(31 weeks)