Sunday, June 26, 2011


So we are 10 days short of Lil's 2nd birthday and I continue to be surprised by changes that happen. I know its not all about me, but when I'm having such a challenging time putting her down to bed, I'm wondering what did I do wrong, how can I make it better, what don't I know.

Shes pretty much always been an easy baby/child to put down for bed. With some exceptions of teething or growth spurts or other phases, we would follow our routine & no problem, but as of late its been challenging to say the least....

Tonight, without a nap all day we expected it'd be an easy n-night, love you....some books & see you in the morning, instead its still going on over an hour later, and Eli took his shift. That sounds, feels awful but sometimes I have to collect my thoughts....I read stories, walked with her, rocked her, laid with her....she gets to a point where she's just about asleep you walk out of the room & she screams, then bangs on the door & cries like, I need to catch my breath, kind of cry....and so we go back in & start the routine again....

I ,of course, want/need to figure it out so I google, '2yr. old sleep' and don't find the answers I desire, if anyone has a book/suggestions
we're all ears....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

P P on the Potty

So we've had Lil's pink potty around for a while now. It's been an accessory in the bathroom & family room for some time. Initially she would take it apart & wear some if it on her head, this was just after she turned one. Then she began liking the idea of sitting on it, but business never happened on it, more often than not once she got up pee would splash on the floor. No biggie, we can clean that up. For quite some time now its been used as step stool, until recently...she's been asking to use it....saying...pee or pop-poo.

Also lately, when we sit on the potty, she insists on taking off all her clothes 1st, also kind of cute. We had a potty-party @ the G's last night, also pretty sweet. Well tonight @ the end of Community Group, she said,"poo-poo" cue to take her to the potty, & so we went....& she DID it, she for the first time peed on the potty intentionally.
Pretty cool....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

23, what..... Months that is & by-bye 117

So our little scooby do is heading towards TWO.
We think life has been humbling, surprising and loving in the last few months.
The very end of March we placed our home back on the market & by the end of the week it was well, SOLD. I honestly couldn't & didn't want to blog about it till now. I remained faithful through the process, but at the same time, with already having done this 'For Sale' thing last year from April-October 2010 resulting in no sale, well I just couldn't blog till it was done.
But as of May 31st we signed the paperwork & it was a done deal as of last week.
The process of finding out we had interested buyers to actually selling the house, 2 months, went by quickly & at times not fast enough.
Doing all this with a toddler is a feat I would not recommend to many, plus working f/t. Thankfully I have the most supportive husband who packed, organized as much as one person could.
I'll admit I wasn't the most helpful, if I wasn't working, I was catching up on sleep or time w/Lil. Packing, moving & more packing are not my most favorite things to do.

Actually leaving the house wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Mostly cause we were were in crunch mode at the end. Our last Friday there, the 27th we had your typical pizza/beer-moving party, with lots of friends emptying the house out. Our last night at the house was Weds. the 25th for me, I worked overnight Thursday. Our new, temporary home is at E & J's in Cary, its a treat, a very comfortable new home that's not even 2yrs old yet. You guys are amazing, thanks for opening your home to us.
Leading up to May 31st there were some afternoons that Eli & I went back to do more unloading of stuff, and those were some emotional times cause, then I realized this wasn't my home anymore. I would not have any more children here, Lil would not grow up here, I would not labor w/another child here, my heart would not ache, love, grow here anymore. It was beautiful, some sweet beautiful memories.

*Pics to follow....

Plus Lil has transitioned well, a few rough nights in the beginning, but now she looks & ask for E or J all the time. And points to things stating if they are Es or Js, pretty cute. We've been in full swing toddler hood, with not so much tantrums at this point, but just not obeying. If we say, "Stop or No," she keeps going.
Repeats most words, putting 2 words together. Is still enjoying food, a lot & often. Will sometimes put herself up for a nap or at least recognize if she's tired or wants her diaper changed. Haven't made many strides in potty training, just taking it as it comes. Has 4 molars & 7 other teeth, and what I remember the pediatrician said she'd have 20 by two years, so ouch we have a lot to work on in the next month, jk....obviously we'll be working on the rest into her 3rd year...