Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sleep is Back

So, since we have 4 good nights in, we're kind of feeling like its back to status quo. Not sure what to attribute it to.
-turning two
-new teeth
-the abscess that sent us to the doctors last week
-or just some default parenting.....:)

Either way we live, learn & I'm sure at some point, repeat....hopefully not the entire list

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Know in a Few Years I'll Forget

Or who am I kidding, probably in a few weeks. Right know we are working through sleep; how to get to sleep, stay asleep, like sleep. Lil states, as she puts, "I don't liiike it," we, eli & I, on the other hand desperately, ok thats kind of strong word, uuuuhhh well we desire more sleep.
We encourage our regular night routine to get Lil to bed, but when push comes to shove & we've washed, brushed, read, pj'd, diapered...she insists us,'to sleep there'. Meaning lay on the floor next to her bed, and so we do. Most nights its about an hour for her to fall asleep, shes kind of stubborn, and other nights well other nights its much, much longer than that.

What happens is that she falls asleep, pops up as if she hears something, calls our names, and waits for a response. I know this routine won't last forever, so I'm kind of wanting to document it, remember it...cause at times now I don't remember what she was like at 7 mos, 10 mos, 15 mos.....I don't think this routine is perfect, it can be rather tiring after a long day of lackluster naps (aka no naps some days). But its what it is right now, and if she needs to know we are there, then thats what we'll do.

More excitingly....tomorrow is Lil's b-day, our baby is 2, yes dos, deux. I feel like its Christmas Eve. I am too excited to celebrate her birth, how blessed we were 9 months prior when we found out we were pregnant, and then the day we got to meet our first born, truly a gift I will never forget.
Lilibear, we love you more & more each day.....