Tuesday, January 11, 2011

18 months, a little hard to believe

So here we were 18 months ago with a 5 day old babe. I was unsure how to be the best mom, rather exhausted but overwhelmed & consumed with love. I for sure can say its gotten easier, I'm not saying easy, but learning who you were, who I was as a mom & how all that meshed together was, well a lot to take in at first.
It was hard at first, I doubt many moms would admit or agree but I'm being honest here. It was new, and well new things to me take time & learning & a whole lot of grace. 18 months later, I can say I've learned a lot from you; I've gained patience & joy & laughter & hugs. I am so blessed to be your mom.

At 18 months you are:

*Copying actions constantly
*Ticklish as always
*Follows directions....please, place shoes under bench, take off your coat...the follow through is of course sometimes distracted by other things
*Hums & sings to tunes (can we understand, not so much, but just hearing her voice is so sweet)
*One nap a day now & still 12 hrs of sleep at night
*Eats anything & everything...still loves hummus, avocados, oranges, cheese
*Loves dogs and will follow them from window to window, when she sees them outside
*Enjoys making monkey & duck sounds
*Enjoys exploring outside, not afraid to get dirty, wet or well eat said dirt or water
*Entertained by friends & especially likes to play w/their play kitchens
*Still enjoys a good book.... :)
*6 teeth still, working on a few with some swollen gums....
*24 lbs & 8oz
*33 1/2 inches long

Lil, what are you up to?

Oh, on dog watch

Messy, even better

exploring in the snow

A year ago we were pulling you, now look whos boss

Just enjoying the snow

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, how we love you

Is this going to be another December 26th or December 5th? As we anxiously await for some more snow... I wonder if its gonna look this this:

Snow here is a little different from growing up (ok a lot), our excitement was based on predicted feet and school possibly being cancelled. I remember awaiting for the 'phone call' my dad would receive, he was on the school board, & would be one of the first to be in the know. It was great, I would knock on my brother's wall to his bedroom, cause that meant we could play in the snow & come in when mom called & not by choice, even when fingers were barely felt. It was great, seriously I always thought I'd want my child to grow up in New England, but here we are in the South & we still have seasons & still can await snow. Its pretty cool to be sharing these experiences with her.