Saturday, December 17, 2011


So I was talking to a friend today about my lack on blotting & well 2 months, I'm rather over due. We've been our home for over two months. We love it. It feels more like home than our other house did. It's an older home & needs plenty of love but we have time to do it. I think first on our agenda for the new year is Lil's room & the play room. Then our bathrooms & master bedroom. The kitchen will be the biggest to tackle, aka most expensive so we haven't quite decided when we should start that.

We like the location, our new neighbors and what to look forward to as we live life in our new home.

As far as Lil goes she's creative, silly, playful and new imaginative stories are fun to listen to. She continues to have a hearty appetite, but has some definite dislikes, such as swiss cheese, onions, peppers. She loves olives, broccoli, mushrooms and yes sweets. It's hard to avoid around Christmas time, all in moderation~ right? :). Plus she loves egg milk, also known as egg nog.
Thinking Christmas will be extra special this year. Reading more stories surrounding Advent this year as we talk about the true meaning of Christmas as a family. Plus I'm off of work, yay!