Thursday, October 23, 2008

I like to be POSITIVE!!

Again, we're positive. As Shawn McDonald serenaded me I took the test upstairs. Within seconds two dark lines appeared. I sat there & just cried. Cried for what I feared I could not handle & for what blessings I felt at the same time. I waited a bit & then ran downstairs, Eli was not home & I promised myself to wait for him to be the first to tell. I wasn't so good in June in doing this.

I'm just going to take a few days to let it all settle in, to allow myself to feel all the emotions & try to just take each day as it comes. My plan is to call the Dr. upon my return from my trip to Boston, I don't want to wait on lab results on Hcg levels quite yet, man that is stressful. Or should I...? I keep going back & forth.
My prayer over & over in my head is grow baby, grow. I'll make it the best place to be for the next 9 months. I promise.
Happy Birthday, Eli- I love you.
(Please don't be mad if I haven't called you up to tell you the news- ok :) )

Monday, October 20, 2008


This week went by very fast. I happily welcomed the weekend @ 7pm on Friday, when I was leaving the Hospital with many plans in my mind for the weekend. First one being Cats Cradle on Friday night. I felt like I was twenty-something again, rushing home & getting ready to go on a date. Eli & I had a good time listening to Thad then Chatham County Line. I knew I was ready for my bed mid way into the 2nd artist.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing & fun, spending time with friends; baby shower, grilling & baseball watching & of course V-21 on Sunday evening to wrap it all up. Now monday is upon us, & I actually got called off for my OT shift, a little disappointed but my body welcomed more sleep.

Now I'm just waiting. Four, 4 weeks ago I had my period, this time around we were diligent with, "our par" & we're hoping it won't arrive. But how do I wait to find out, you just do. We wait full of anticipation, partially assuming that it will come, so being disappointed won't be so hard, but truly just having faith. I know that if I find out that I'm not, I will be I just wait. What a birthday gift it would be for Eli, in June it was our anniversary when we found out (close to it anyways)....

Saturday, October 11, 2008


From this:

To this! ---->

Growth sneaks up on us. From plants to grass, yes-it must be mowed again. To friends & families. One of my best friends, my college roommate is moving out of the country & getting married. Why is it alarming to me. Its a lot to take in. Its a different when you're the one doing the crazy thing, moving across country after only knowing someone for about a year, but when its one of your friends, wow! You realize you've both grown up. And when the third of the trio is still there, where you both planted seeds, its a lot to take in.
Growth is a good thing. Friends whose families are growing, doubling--its exciting. To parents whose growth have brought them to the retirement stage in their life, in a time that is financially scary. All I can do is pray that growth brings challenges that help us realize its not so scary!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rained out

So we're campers. Eli has camped sans a tent, me I prefer a tent. I don't mind the cold, I can layer & the rain is fine if it stops. Well we made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway without rain. Our first night, no rain...til about midnight then it came down. At first I felt all cozy in the tent, then when we realized the tent was leaking a bit not so fun. Usually we wake up with the sun rise, 6/7am...with no sunrise we slept til 9am..oops. Then I thought I'd cheat & listen to the weather forecast in the car, more rain & heavier at times till Friday....Ok-time to head home. Between the rain, & the fog (could barely see the next camp site), it was time to head back.
We camped at J.Price Park right off the Parkway. A great site, not far from Blowing Rock or Boone. We definitely will go back, with a couple things in mind:
1.Check out the weather before you go
2.Go mid to late October, foliage hadn't peaked yet
3.& purchase a new tent :)

Now, we're home: no rain, 20 degrees warmer & a free day before work knocks on our door Friday.

Our little friend...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Off Camping....

So we're headed to Julian Price Park today. We've learned from incidents in California & elsewhere its always best to let loved ones know where you're going. We plan on being back late Thursday.
Enjoy your week!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A day for Amy & Joey!

The hostess with the mostess! :)

Grandma Gusefski & Grandma Humphrey

Drink anyone?

The Aunts to be...

Yeah, Presents:
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& some games

Harry & his flirty ways.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Remodel Progress...

ORIGINAL- how we first met this 1/2 bath. Check out the wall paper. Pic Dec'07.

Pic: From guest bathroom upstairs, but same vanity was in 1/2 bath downstairs.

Sink be gone, look at those sexy legs. My 'Jack of All Trades'!! love you Eli. :)

Newly laid tile where vanity used to be & now awaiting the pedestal sink....

I love that I am still learning new things about Eli, after 10yrs. I love that he keeps surprising me. He has & will be doing either the plumbing, carpentry, tiling & the electrical work in this bathroom. What can I say, I love you!! & thank-you!!