Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rocking it Out

So I've been on the hunt on Craigslist for a reasonably priced rocker. I found #1, I would like 2 more for the baby's room, one for downstairs & one for our room...but for now I am happy with this one (meaning I'm not really sure where this one is going, but I like it):

This task was harder than I thought. People think that nice or comfy needs to have tacky-ugly cushions, some that are part of the rocker. I've just been in search of simple wooden rockers without any fluff. I dig this one.

This chair means a lot to me. A piece of furniture, I know. I sit in it now & think in weeks I will be able to hold our baby and look at them & talk and actually see their response. Yesterday I was fortunate to hold a full term baby (6lbs), that seemed huge to me....he was sweet, I almost cried as to think that someone loves this baby as much as I already love you & then I ask myself, how can I love you, want to protect you, make sure you are ok & yet I've never even met you.

Our countdown now, in weeks, is in single digits & I can't even believe it. Hope you're ready to meet us soon too! :) (but not too soon)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Unveiling of the Babe's Room


One down:

Look at all theses pieces:

& more pieces:


Yeah, a changing table:

Finished Product:


18 weeks:

24 weeks:

30 weeks:

10, 20, 30

0-10 weeks: All first trimester. These weeks were a challenge for me for many reasons. Physically my body was making changes that was not apparent on the outside, but I didn't feel well most of the time. Honestly if you asked me how I felt I probably said fine, but most of the time smells & food disgusted me & ALL I wanted to do was sleep. Nausea is what I would say ruled the first 10 weeks. Mentally I was-how do I say this glad, happy to be pregnant somewhere deep down, but always expecting, anticipating that something could go wrong. It wasn't until our first ultrasound @ 7 weeks in November until it started to sink in. Although through the first 10 weeks I felt I was trying to explain myself as to why I wasn't super excited & all giddy, I think people were more excited for me. I needed & appreciated all the support.

11-20 weeks: Yeah, nausea lifted @ ~14 weeks. Eli had picked me up from work & I was craving Thai food, before this my meals consisted of cereal, mac'n cheese or plain chicken. Entering 2nd trimester was a big thing for me. It meant I made it through the higher risk miscarriage weeks. We had our 18 week u/s in January. This time we both just watched in awe, looking at all the tiny baby parts...looking so perfectly formed. I felt really good these in between weeks. My body was definitely starting to make room for baby.

21-30 weeks: These weeks brought some new challenges. 1.Sciatica-this back pain arrived @ 23 weeks & has been here since. Some days better than others. We went to a Physical Therapist & she has definitely provided me with some great exercises & has showed Eli some amazing massage techniques. More importanly I'm trying to listen to my body, when I'm not at work I want to get stuff done here, but I know if I do, I'll be feeling it & then in no shape for work. I also tried swimming, which has helped too. 2.Movement- Around week 23 I was beginning to feel movements. Soon after that I got used to the pattern of movements, early morning & again in the evening. This is amazing. To have confirmation that the baby is alive & well inside of you & really hard to explain in words. When the babe was is not in its typical pattern, this brings concern. I find if I get caught up in work & beat I may not notice the movements, & this brought one quick/worrisome visit to the doctors. Everthing was fine, but my heart was hung up in anticipation of the good/possibly bad news.

31-....Now that the last quarter is here, it makes it seem like the other 3/4 was just a distant memory. Getting pregnant in the Fall, drifting through winter & now Spring. I would say this is my favorite part but mostly cause baby is almost here!
The room is painted, furniture placed, baby shower coming up. Baby Rodriguez we can't wait to meet you! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

29 weeks

& third u/s today:

Isn't he (or she cute)!! I'm still getting boy vibes, look at our 3 lb. babe. :)
Just a quick post, I'm calling around now, cause we're trying to decide to do hospital birth, home birth or birth center....Why can't I be more decisive.... :(

Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome 2 3rd Trimester

Todays 28 week appointment went well. Baby is probably lying transverse, heard the healthy heartbeat & awaiting for a referral for an Acupuncturist(PT is good & the pain is less after my visits, but I've heard it can do wonders). Also, did the Glucola test today, not so bad at all. I was anticipating something to taste much worse. We'll await those results over the next few days. Otherwise no news is good news & we'll get the results in two weeks @ our next appt. They also took blood for a CBC & Syphilis. I'm curious about the CBC wanting to know my hematocrit (pretty sure I'm ok on the STD):) . Other than that it was a good visit, almost fell off the scale when she told me how much I weigh--ouch, I got 83 days more....I'll do this, its all for the babe, right? :)

Shower Time

So, most women have had a shower (no-not the bathing type-I hope many of those), in their life.
For me I missed out on the wedding shower--living so far away from family/close friends in California when we got married back in New England. So ya, I'm kind of looking forward to the baby shower. Some people may say its lame--silly games, baby stuff..blablabla, but for me its about WAY more than that.
It commences & celebrates the welcoming of a new life. One that is still growing & churning inside of me. A being that already has a personality & one that GOD has created to be on this earth in the next few months.
So, ya I'm kind of excited. Eli actually got the ball rolling on picking out baby stuff @ Babies R'Us & Target AND now I just created my own wish lists on Land of Nod & Naturally of fun.
I just feel blessed to be sharing this journey with you all!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Inspiration

Map, from Pottery Barn Kids:

Its a print that I have loved for a while & I think it would be perfect for the baby's room!

From Z Gallery:

I've realized I like colorful things....

So we don't have a "theme" per say for the baby's room. For us we just like bright colorful items. This is the fun part, picking & choosing the items. A few weeks back I would have said that it was stressful to me, what if it doesn't look right, what if I don't like it when its done. Now I'm just enjoying daydreaming & talking about what we may like.

Other things that seem to stress me out these days, or my emotions have gotten the best of me, is thinking of the actual day. How will I be, will I like where I am delivering, what if it doesn't go as 'planned'. We went on a tour of Durham Regional this week, & well-- was it what I thought it would be--NO! Did I almost cry right on the tour--YES!! I had a melt down when we got home for all those reasons mentioned above, plus being tired & an aching back didn't help the situation. Ya, I hate to blame it on hormones, but man I couldn't stop crying & now I do feel better about the situation, kind of. Yes, I still feel uneasy of what may come, but I'm trying to take each day as it unfolds....