Saturday, September 4, 2010

NCMA= Enjoyable

North Carolina Museum of Art

& She's Let Free from the Museum

Looks Like She's found Water

The Fun Begins

So the three of us went to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh on Thursday. Walking up to the building, it felt a bit reminiscent of San Francisco, not something that seemed very Southern to us anyways. The building is so linear & simplistic from the outside. The Landscaping clean & easy to the eyes. This is the first trip we've taken to see it, and fortunately its only 20 minutes away.

After being welcomed & provided with maps, we made our way through some African & European Art before the little one got a little antsy. So then we checked out the restaurant's menu, yummy...but didn't dine in, instead we made our way outside. Lil got the 1st opportunity to run free, this made her & us happy. She made a bee line to the kid friendly water, we'll call it that anyways. She got soaked, had fun & we laughed. After that we made our way towards the many acres of park the Museum boasts, but spent most of our time in the outside amphitheater. We were surprised to learn that this space is extremely kid friendly, Lil enjoyed roaming about & we took in some of the outdoor art.

My favorite part was the Rodin Garden, with amazing sculptures and a lili pond to boot...simplicity at its best.