Saturday, February 27, 2010

& What Happened to February

Gotta get myself into something:

Day @ Doris Duke Gardens:

I know its the shortest month, but man did it fly by. My dad departed today & well we're getting closer to our goal w/prepping the house.
Due to Eli's accident, us all being sick, Liliana crawling & now standing, me working loopy hours-- well, I really don't know where this month went.
My dad painted tons & he was also able to check out some places he & my mom have been dreaming of moving to once their place sells up North.

Our lives lately seem to be full of endless check off lists. I look forward to this changing, not that there always wont be stuff to get done, but we're re-focusing our priorties. With many late night conversations about this, we seem to be on the same page. I hate being in the going, get done, survive it mentality. Instead I desire to be rejoicing & praising whats important. We both love Liliana more than anything & find it amazing how this little human being can force you to realize whats truly important.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

7 Months

Well this mamma is a week late in posting this babe's 7 months post. Well mostly cause she's been keeping us going by:

*Being sick :( 3rd cold in her 7 months, plus an ear infection this go around
*Napping--really well--yeah!
*Playing with friends & family--big & small
*Continues to let us know when she's hungry (often) & tired (so cute when she rubs her eyes)

My dad joined us last weekend & was here for her 7 month birthday, he hadn't seen her since she was born...its been fun. I think he forgot how much a little one can keep you going. WE continue to recognize how blessed WE are to have her in our life. Everyday I learn more about her & fall more & more in love.

Partners in Crime:

Watch me go....

Valentine from Gram:

Grandpa & Liliana:

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st-Big Day!

So these are days that we realize are big to us & probably not the regular passer by or well anyone thats not her parents, but Liliana *crawled today & *sat up on her own. Yes, things that only a parent could be proud of.