Monday, March 21, 2011

Full Month

So as I was on my way to check out some friends' blogs I noticed the last time I posted on our blog was a month ago, oops.
Life has been full; full of learning, forgiveness, love, playing, work, family, friends...and some sleep in between.
Spring has arrived & I truly think its my favorite season here. We've made a couple trips to Duke Gardens, family was in town & Eli started a new job. We're learning how to juggle schedules & make the most of our limited time together.
Lil is over 20 months now & all I can say is she's full of it too. She's full of smiles, words (water, up pease, duck, wet, me, you, bus, -some new favs.), full of laughter, singing, stubbornness and adventure. She doesn't hesitate climbing things & exploring at the park. She's active & its fun keeping up with her spunk!

Here's our life in pics over the last month....

Duke Gardens:

Who says you can't play in the rain....

Helping dadda, be careful

Helping one of our favorite vendors @ the Durham Farmers Mkt.