Saturday, August 27, 2011

August, where did you go

27th...what? So life has been full of hot summer weather, water (in many forms), friends, family, changes and waiting.
We've been waiting for the progression on our 'home to be'....between inspections, appraisal, counter-offersssssss.

We are suppose to close on the house on Monday, but thinking thats not going to happen. We have a few things that need to be settled and they are out of our hands, so again we'll see what is in store for us.

We are in the midst of inclement weather, an earthquake earlier in the week & a hurricane on its way. Interesting....

Lil has been full of energy, waking most days before us and wanting brekist (breakfast) immediately. Then we venture out after some food and get some bottled up energy out. Overall its been nice the weather has changed quite a bit, warm days but not overly disgusting.
We try to keep it simple in the afternoon, naps and some yard play. If we're going, going, going during the day we really try to keep it slow during the afternoon or if we know we're going to be out we aim for quiet as well.

Lil's appetite is bountiful as always and working on more teeth....she continues to be chatty, w/new words everyday. She will repeat most words, so watch out...

Hopefully the next time we blog the house thing will be all settled.