Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Pics to go along w/all the 1sts....

Thanks Cousin Damaris & Tito~I'm loving my 1st Tutu......

Having a blast @ the Museum

Hanging @ the Playground

Off to the Farmer's Market

Checking out some Raleigh Museums w/Gram & Pappa

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We've Had A Lot of 1sts

So I can see by my history of blogging, well...its been a little unpredictable. Its not for a lack of new things. Let's see my parents, Lili's grandparents moved here, finally, from NH the first week of June. Its been fun to foster that new relationship. Liliana is the first grandchild in our cozy, little family. My parents I know have been enjoying it. We see them about 3-4 times a week. Sometimes they just watch her while I sleep after work or when Eli's job hunting, other times its been for dinner or trips to the park. Other days we're just hanging out in their new place, enjoying their new furniture & recently their stuff arrived from NH. They've enjoyed getting new items for Liliana's "space"--so cute.
The weather here has been pretty toasty, 90 & often close to 100 & humid. Limiting what we do outside w/my parents & Lili too.

For just the 3 of us, we've gone to some of the Lakes nearby as well as free music events at the American Tobacco Campus & Duke gardens. One of our favorite things is the Museum of Life & Science in Durham as well as the Durham Farmer's Market. As of recent she's really enjoying climbing-- up & onto everything & we've been trying to explore different neighborhood parks with her.

Next week we are gonna camp & check out the coast. We've been itching to get out there and are so excited to share it with her.

Liliana loves:

*Food-pretty much everything we eat. Favorites are blackberries, veggie pizza & pesto
*Dancing-to whatever we may be humming, jingle on the radio or my favorite episode of Glee
*Getting into & out of boxes
*Putting on other peoples shoes
*Climbing all the way up stairs...with our w/o assistance, mostly w/o :)
*Sleeping (yeah!!). Overnight sleep has been good. Naps are unpredictable at times.
*Likes to bring you things & may quickly take it away or bring it back again.
*Playing w/others

Liliana @ 1 year
*Has 2 teeth
*Weight 20 lbs 11 oz
*Height 31.25 inches

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feliz CumpleaƱos, Bonne Fete or simply Happy Birthday....

Happy 12 months, 1 year-big girl....just thinking of you while I work.
Technically you weren't born yet, you didn't arrive til ~ 10:30 @ night.
Love you sweet thing.....

Last year I was laboring, now I'm working--blah!
(think I'd rather labor the other way) :)