Sunday, May 22, 2011

Endings & New Beginnings

So it appears as though this blog has been on a little hiatus for the last 7+ weeks. I haven't blogged, haven't read blogs....I've moved on to tweeting. Its quicker I find, more efficient perhaps, a little less personal perhaps, but time is of the essence & lately well that means a lot to me right now. I'd prefer to be hanging with Lil or playing outside, or playing Wordfeud, ha.

So Lil is quickly approaching 23 months & with that is an explosion in language & mimicking (so fun) and learning. Shes our little sponge just soaking up all that life has to offer. Shes absorbing so much, at such a quick pace. Eli & I are just trying to keep up with her, our work schedules and packing our house up.

I've been mostly working weekends with a shift or two during the week, and Eli's schedule offsets mine. He's working when I'm not. Then theres the house....we placed it on the market at the very end of March & had an offer in less than 7 days, amazing.
We are now quickly approaching the 'move day' and the closing, crazy......and so exciting.
This time next week I won't be sitting at the kitchen table, listening to cars pass at night or the school buses Lil points out or being seranaded by birds in the am.
Its beginning to feel quite bittersweet.