Tuesday, September 11, 2012

32 weeks

Hello, here we are @ 32 weeks & don't even know where the time has gone. 
June was a great month, weather hadn't turned gross in NC yet & we got to make a trip home to Boston.  We went for my cousin's wedding in Maine, I was only disappointed we couldn't stay longer there.  We were able to see some family for a few days in Boston too which made it nice.  Got to eat Lobster, didn't make it to Eli's favorite, Kellys, perhaps next time.  But did get plenty of walking in, around town & along the Charles River, our favorite.
July brought the HEAT & Lil's 3rd birthday. How sweet it was, we had friends in from Holland & Boston.  We had a mini-kiddy pool party in the front yard with lots of little ones running around.  It was warm, but I think it turned out well.  
July into August continued with heat and finally here we are September 11th & the weather seems to be breaking.  Had an amazing weather day yesterday, minus the south humidity. 

We are park bound just about everyday again, either in the am or after dinner.  Lil loves running & playing and oh ya, the Olympics.  It was fun watching that with her this summer.  She still thinks all the jumps, twists & turns are Olympic quality & will shout out, "Americans" after doing them. 
We haven't made it to the coast yet, hate that its soooo far away. 
Lil also started soccer through the YMCA this past saturday so that should be a few hours of entertainment the next 8 saturday mornings.  :)
Otherwise we got BABY on our mind.  The boy is due in 8 weeks, craziness. This pregnancy has flown by.  Everything happened earlier: expanding body, heartburn, sciatic issues....but now with the help of the chiropractor its been much better at this point.  

I wonder in my mind what he will be like; often feel like Lil has such a jovial personality I can't imagine how his will be, I know he will be loved & cared for by so many....8 short weeks, can't wait to meet you.